We are hobby-breeders of Maine Coon cats living in Southern England (UK), with a life-long history of devoted cat-a-holism.

Our cats sharing with us every moment of our lives (and all our belongings too, including the contents of the fridge).

All our Maine Coon kittens given maximum TLC and well socialised. They all are treated as loving pets. We are feeding them a well balanced diet.

All our Maine Coons are great purrers, and have different but lovely purrsonalities.

15 Match 1986 - 22 July 2002
Canvas Prints
We can now offer to create a lovely canvas framed print for your Cat or Kitten.
We have Maine Coon kittens!
We have Maine Coon kittens! Please ring on 07816 396410 or send a message to enquiries@terzovia.co.uk with inquiries.
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